The interuniversity and interdisciplinary open lab of research in teaching and learning methodology is a research partnership, founded in 2017 by professors and researchers of the Department of French and European Studies at the University of Cyprus and the Department of French Language and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

It is distinguished from other laboratories

  • by its open status (Open Lab) […]
  • by the intensity in which if facilitates large scientific and professional networks, based on current and emerging needs […]
  • by its extensive interdisciplinary degree: covering educational sciences, educational engineering, sociology of education, psychology of education, politics of education, educational technology, science and communication technology, science of language […]
  • by its focus on research in innovation and in the reality of social impact […]
  • by its concern for the contextualization of methodological approaches […]
  • by the frequency at which it organizes/co-organizes training sessions for a large audience (MOOCs, etc.) […]