FL Language Testing and Assessment in Cyprus: Recent developments

The measurement of language skills is a widespread, if not integral practice of most language teaching programs around the world. This has resulted in the introduction of various assessment procedures that are used as a basis for measuring progress in a foreign language. However, despite years of research on international level, we know very little about how assessment is carried out and less about research on assessment methods and practices in the Cypriot context.
In this paper I will present a descriptive and evaluative overview of research undertaken so far in the field of English language testing and assessment in the Republic of Cyprus. The paper will focus on current research undertaken by the presenter in the current context with particular focus on a three-year long project on language assessment training funded by Erasmus. This involves a diverse network of experts from different European countries who aim to develop an efficient and sustainable LTA training infrastructure primarily for English language teachers to help them develop sufficient assessment literacy skills. The project is entitled ’Teachers’ Assessment Literacy Enhancement (TALE)’
The presentation will discuss its aims and objective and report on the progress that has been made so far. More specifically the results of the first phase will be shared with the audience. This involved an online European survey of assessment practices of pre- and in-service English language teachers and students. The paper will conclude with a discussion of the results and will offer suggestions for future areas of research on exciting new topics.