Let’s work ! … through digital project based learning

Nowadays technology surrounds us wherever we are. Our students are online 24 hours a day, sometimes to our regret, and many times even when they are in class.

We’re told that we have to include technology, because the university’s job is to disseminate knowledge and it’s obvious that, as as teachers, one of our main goals is to adapt our teaching methods to that of an ever-changing world of education. However, there is so much technology, that it is not clear to what extent it aids the learning process or how we should integrate it in the language classroom.

For this reason, it’s fundamental that teachers, who are being encouraged by universities to implement innovative pedagogy as a part of their training program, first understand the objectives of integrating ICT (Information et Communication Technologies) in order to assure that its impact will in fact benefit the language learning process.

This workshop will focus on the importance of ICT in the foreign language classroom to enhance student learning through the use of tablets, mobiles phones and web 2.0 tools.

We would like to show how language teachers should implement 2.0 digital task-based activities as part of their projects, based on project based learning (PBL), to motivate students in their own learning process.

The design and implementation of authentic and meaningful activities and lesson plans produce a more powerful student learning experience and at the same time enhance linguistic skills but also other general competences such as computer knowledge, teamwork, collaborative learning, etc.

In addition, teachers would be able to share and discuss the knowledge that they have learnt both in training and in the classroom, where they can scaffold concepts and develop ideas into best practices as a community. Finally, we would show different task-based/ project based language teaching units using web 2.0 collaborative tools, all of them have been done this year in Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom.