Meeting your e-classmates and tutor at 08:00 am, local time, in Los Angeles can be fun! The Online Greek Course A1

The principle

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, each slammer (researcher, trainer or language teacher) has five minutes to present a discovery, a product or a good practice and then to convince the audience of its usefulness and / or excellence .
These slams which can be in French or in English are addressed to the public of the conference, at the end of each half-day.
Interesting and original subjects, a sense of humour, an element of surprise and straightforward presentations are always appreciated!
At the end of each match (succession of slams), the listeners vote for the slams they liked the most and can approach slammers and ask them questions in a completely informal way.
The slammers who get the most votes are eligible to win prizes.


Our video demonstrates in short The Online Greek Course (OGC) which has been designed and produced by the School of Modern Greek Language, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The OGC is an exclusively online learning program for Greek as a foreign/second language. It comprises the courses A1 & A2, in line with the learning objectives set for these levels by the CEFR. The target groups are Erasmus+ students, who acquire three ECTS points for the successful completion of the course, and also speakers with an interest in learning Greek, who are eligible to enroll to the language courses at AUTH.

The instructional design is based on a task-based communicative approach. The linguistic notions and functions are introduced through multi-media learning content, which provides the necessary linguistic input. Different types of tasks and quizzes recycle the vocabulary and structures, stimulating different receptive or productive skills each time. The tasks focus on linguistic form, linguistic meaning and the use of language.

The OGC combines synchronous and asynchronous learning and has three modules:

a. The Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), which provides a user-friendly e-learning environment and tools both for learning and for course management. The students’ forum is used for collaborative and creative learning, through games, competitions and challenges. Students upload their writing tasks on the platform and receive personalized feedback by the tutor.

b. The learning content, which consists of videos, audios, interactive texts & quizzes, is integrated into learning objects. The software provides assessment for each unit and automatic feedback. The students also take a progress and a final test.

c. Web-conferencing takes place after the completion of each unit, i.e. online sessions with the participation of a tutor and a small group of students, for synchronous learning and instruction. The OGC A1 & A2 has been successfully running since 2014 and has received positive assessment by the students. The program has been awarded the European Language Label by IKY (State Scholarships Foundation) in 2018.