Multimodal self-feedback to foster metacognition in a second language writing environment: the insiders’ perspectives

Chantal DION Carleton University, Canada

Reza FARZI University of Ottawa, Canada

Despite considerable research on corrective feedback, very few studies have attempted to investigate the role of student self-given dynamic feedback and how it fosters operational metacognition.

In this paper we discuss the complex concept of metacognition, the multilayered process of writing as a locus of metacognition, the real-time capture of L2 learner behaviour through screen capture technology (SCT).

Drawing upon an earlier study (Hamel, Séror & Dion, 2015), we offer both the teacher’s and the students’ inside look at behaviors observed during the original study by presenting three (3) sets of questions, observations and recommendations.

Finally, we present a case study of one in-class experimentation of SCT, illustrating the complexity of this venture.